Fiber Fresh Fiber Ezy - 20kg


Everyday Superfood for Optimal Health and Digestion


A versatile, slow-release energy, forage fibre suitable for all horses

  • Fresh cut lucerne and equine specialty grass – timothy
  • Unique blend of high nutritional forage fibres
  • Moderate protein and energy
  • Very low in starch and sugar

FiberEzy® is a moist, highly digestible blend of forage fibres comprising lucerne and the                                    equine specialty grass timothy.  Timothy grass is high in dietary fibre, low in soluble carbohydrates and is known to facilitate better digestion, gut function and overall digestive health in horses.

FiberEzy® is a well-balanced multi-forage fibre providing good levels of digestible energy, protein and minerals.  It is recommended when increased fibre feeding or a consistent slow release energy source are the objectives and when high levels of energy are not required.

FiberEzy® can be fed alongside or substituted for fresh pasture/hay feeding or mixed with concentrate feeds as a high-quality forage fibre source. FiberEzy® is ideal as the primary forage feed to aid in the management of metabolic and digestive health in horses.  It is a common-sense fibre choice for a calm and steady performance or for horses sensitive or prone to laminitis, or those convalescing or recovering from surgery.

FiberEzy® is completely safe as a consistent base forage and is suitable for all horses.

FiberEzy® Feeding Recommendation

When planning a diet, the most important consideration is that a horse must receive an absolute minimum of 1.5% of its bodyweight in forage fibre – e.g.  Fiber Fresh and or hay, pasture per day.  The remaining diet must then be balanced according to the quality and composition of that forage fibre and the physiological demands of the horse e.g. growth, lactation, extra energy for exercise, protein etc.

FiberEzy® can be fed on its own in the feed bowl or mixed with supplements.

When introducing to the diet increase daily amounts by 0.5kg increments until the desired quantity is reached.

We recommend feeding a minimum of 2kg per day, but there is no limit on how much FiberEzy® can be fed.

When extra energy is required increase the amount of FiberEzy® first.  If even more energy is needed in the form of concentrates or grain, only feed up to half the weight of FiberEzy® in the diet, creating a healthy 2:1 ratio mixed; e.g. 2kg FiberEzy® and 1kg concentrate in the feed bowl per meal.  This ratio is ideal to buffer the stomach against excessive acidity caused by grain. It increases saliva production, slows intake and increases digestion and metabolism of both the grain and fibre portion, and maintains healthy gut function and hydration.

Feeding FiberEzy® at the correct ratio increases the digestibility of concentrates by 20-30%, therefore the daily amount of concentrates can be reduced.  How much to reduce this by will depend on the individual horse and can be reviewed by regular body condition scoring and weighing.

Most sport/race horses do best on 4-6kg of FiberEzy® per day in addition to added energy such as grains/concentrate feeds, and fat/oil.

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Can I still buy what I need from your Tallarook store?

Yes! We are still your local and independent Rural Supplies store. Please refer to trading hours if you wish to visit us in-store.

How long will it take for my products to arrive after I place my online order?

Shortly after your online order has been placed and confirmed, you will receive a call during business hours from our team to arrange a delivery date and time that best suits you.

How much is delivery?

A delivery and handling fee of $10 applies to all orders. 

Can I track my order?

Yes! When you complete your online order you will receive an email confirmation with your order details.

How does your CLICK & COLLECT service work?

Our Click & Collect service (available at checkout online) allows you to pick up your order from the shed. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for your order to be ready. Our team will contact you once your order is ready to be picked up.

Can I make a purchase online if I live outside of the Mitchell and Strathbogie Shires?

Unfortunately No. Not unless previously discussed and arranged with Tallarook Rural Supplies.

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